Thursday, April 1, 2010

Long Week

I'm so glad this week is coming to an's been really hard on all of us.  Ryan ended up in the hopsital with pneumonia & RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), he was so sick.  We had to bring him into the ER twice for them to see how sick he was, the first time, they told us he had a cold.  He hadn't eaten in 3 days, and was running a fever of over 101 for those three days, I just couldn't get the fever to go down.  So we went home.  The next day, he still had not eaten, tylenol & advil not bringing the fever down, and he started to develop a very deep back we went.  This time the doc listened to us as we explained how he just really was not himself, so he did an xray of his lungs, sure enough there was the pneumonia, then they did the RSV test and it was also present.  Well, that was be begining of our week, we spent the night in the ER, then he was admitted the next day into Pediatrics, the nurses were so good to him (most of them).  He ended up with IV meds, and also they were giving him tylenol every 4 hrs, but they couldn't get the fever to go down keep giving him tylenol.  He lost so much weight, because with all this going on, he hadn't been eating and was dehydrated when we came into the ER...poor little guy now only weighs a 19lbs...he should be almost 25-30lbs!  He's so skinny now...well finally at the end of the week he started to feel better and to eat, after a few rounds of IV meds. 

We are finally home, but now he is reacting to the meds he has to take at home for another week, so back to the docs for new meds, hopefully this type  doesn't make him vomit all over me (I know pretty gross)!!  He's been sleeping quite a bit today, but I'm just going to let him rest, and sleep off this sickness.  Not only did he ended up sick, so did I...Yup me too, I ended up catching something so I am on amoxicillin due to two ear infections & a throat infection...lets just I'm glad this week is done!!

Anyways, on to some good stuff!!

Over at LCOM (Let's capture out Memories) we are playing Scrap-Ivor!!  This is the first week, and so far it's kinda fun...we get a challenge a week and then the team that wins the challenge gets to stay together for another week, the team that looses goes to Tribal Council!! LOL   We'll see how things go!!

My sick little man, he looked so sad!

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