Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 days until...


I can't wait for vacation...two weeks off...what am I going to do!!

Well, first off sorry for being such a lazy blogger, lots have happened since I last wrote...where do I begin.  Lets start with the yucky news.  Here's little history first.  My grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer about 2 yrs ago, and so they removed her colon..well, she was doing really well, until they found something on her xrays.  So...last week we found out the cancer is back and has spread all through her lungs and also to other organs, and there is really nothing else that can be done except to try chimo therapy...she's not going to get it done, she wants to live what time she has left with not being sick...and well, the docs couldn't tell us how long she has it could be 2, 3, 4 months or may a year.  No need to be sad about it, she has lived a very wonderful life, she has enjoyed all of it...She's quite the woman, the story's I could tell just about her, but that's another time. 

Anyways, we are going to surprise her next weekend, as it's her birthday, and mayber her last...well, all of us, kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, family & freinds, we are all getting together for a huge surprise party!!!  She is going to be so surprised!!  I'll post pics when I get them!

Well, enough about that!

I have a secret! 
I can't wait to share! 
But you'll have to wait
until July for me to spill!!  hehehehe

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

It's a beautiful Sunny day outside and here I am...sitting here scrapping!!  The little guy is napping, and has been asleep for the past 2hrs, so his nap gave me some scrappy time..I should have been cleaning the house,
but hey, I can do that tomorrow!
I hope everyone is having a great Hump day, mine is great so far...I even received scrappy mail today! I recieved a RAK from Tink over at LCOM, it was great!!  Thank you so much.
Speaking of RAKS...I need to have a draw for one for the blog hop, I'll get that done tonight after the little is in bed sleeping, then I'll announce the winner tomorrow sometime.  Well, I'm off to do some more scrapping while he's still asleep.
Wow!  I havent been this scrappy in a long while!!  I think my mojo has returned...I did this LO for two challenges at LCOM.  The one on the forum for the Birthday Bash Online Crop - "You Challenge" & also for the Sketch Blog "Birthday Bash Sketch #2.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

rAiN, rAiN, rAin...

when will it go away!!!  I'm so tired of the rain, it just chills me to the bone...I want to start a fire in the wood stove, but hubby thinks I'm nuts!!  LOL

Well, I worked all weekend, but I accomplish one thing at work today....

I managed to create this at work, between dispatching ambulances and taking 911 calls..hehehe!  As you can see I was not that busy today at work, which is always a good thing in my type of work.

My supplies were limited at work, I had only brought a few things with me, but really I dont' think it turned out all that bad, the pic isn't very good, cause it's night time now (almost bedtime)....but hey, I still like it!  He's just so darn cute!!  In this pic it was the first time ever ate yogurt alone, without my help...LOL and then he wanted "O"'s (cheerios), so thats the little O face he is making...I just wanna squeeze him all the time.  He's growing so fast, and he has such a personallity..ok I'm rambling now..hehehe.

Anyways, this was created for the LCOM Sketch Blog Birthday Bash challenge which means I get a piece of the pie!!!

Well, it's come that time of night, hubby is watching the hockey game and I am's (have to stop calling him that) in bed, animals are fed, clothes are in the the next best thing to do is Scrap...I wish!  4:45am comes really gonna head over to LCOM to read a few more posts on the forum, then off to bed!!

Have a good night!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hopping Time!!

So...This is my first time ever doing a blog I think I may have a little something to give away to that lucky person...just a little something to celebrate LCOM's Birthday  & also my first Blog Hop. 

On to the details...all you have to do is become a follower & leave a comment on what your favorite scrappy product is!!  Sounds simple enough! 

Alright Let's get Hopping!!!

Tanya Munn
Lynne Forsythe
Monique  <---YOU ARE HERE
Tanya L

Enjoy the Celebration & Have a Great Weekend!!!

Here's a card I made for one of the challenges that is going on right now for the Birthday Bash!!  I wish I didn't have to work this weekend, because I would be so busy doing all the challenges and having so much fun, I dont' think I would leave the house!!!

On to the next blog....Rusha...I'm sure she's got something fun in store for you!!!!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Where did the time go! The year has gone by so fast, I guess that's what happens when you have great people, a great design team, great sketches and loads of fun!!
There's always something to do at LCOM! Come check it out and celebrate with us, there will be lots of laughs, games & prizes throughout the night. We are having a Cyber Party!
I can keep naming all the great things at LCOM, but then I would go on forever, come check it out for yoursels, you will not be disapointed..
Great design team on weekly sketches, card sketches and lots of challenges are an everyday occurrence. Crops are amazing, plus an online scrappy store! What's not to love. Of course the online members keep us all rocking in our favorite pastime: scrapbooking!

Hope you can join us at LCOM(Let's Capture our Memories)
for some fabulous Birthday celebrations!
The Party starts now!!