Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Tuesday!

I am really tired of all this snow!  How much more can we get...well, some are saying another 25-30cm in next coming week...really I am so sad, I want warm sunny days, not bundled under so many layers.

But I guess that's what I get for living in the Maritimes!!  Gotta love Atlantic Canada!

Here's my front entrance (before we got the extra 40cm), they cleaned off the room, and well yeah...I can't use my front door anymore..LOL

Here is my patio door, well, she thought she was coming in this door!! Well, see where that sticker is on the door...that's were the snow is now.  My poor patio is buried!

and this is just another view out my backyard, she is actually on the patio!  LOL


Well, what about being crafty these days...I have been playing a game with Let's Capture our Memories , it's a sorta Big Brother game..I am now HOH in week 4.  Which means I completed my challenge before everyone else.  Here's a few things I've created while playing the game.

Here's a mini album...still not totally completed, but it had all the requirements for the challenge...I'm still working on it.

Here's my LO for week 3....I love it!!  It just shows the affection that Keith has for his little brother!

Oh and one last thing....we have decided to sell our house an buy a new one!!  and this is the house that we both fell in love with!!  I can't wait until it's mine...so I am crossing my fingers that all goes well, and that it all works out!!  Wish us luck!!


Have a good night!  I'm off to cuddle with my little man!!


CanadianScraps43 said...

Sorry! Let me try this again.Lol!
Monique your work is amazing. I so love your album. I love your style mostly. You have such a flair for matching papers and embellies. Can't wait to see you again. Your such a sweetheart and I have missed you. Just want to encourage you to keep up the wonderful work that you do here on your blog and I am so proud of you and all that you do at LCOM. I am praying that all works out for your new house. Your right this house is gorgeous! I am so excited for you. Love your layout. Your boys looks so adorable together and it isn't hard to see the love between them. Take Care Sweetie.
I don't always comment but I check in to see what your up too. Big Hugs.

Sandy Ang said...

That wonderful beach mini must make you feel all warm and sunny in the freezing weather! The house you chose looks great, all the best with getting it.