Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In mourning & Creating

This is my way of dealing with the issues in my life, I create.  I lock myself in my craft room and block out the world.  As you all know, or the ones who follow me know, my grandmother has been dying of cancer...evil Cancer...I hate it!

Well, she has now passed on, she's no longer in pain, no longer suffering, no longer watching her family cry...she's happy, peaceful, and I'm sure she's having a drink of Rye with her friends and family...maybe even dancing like a fool!!  She was such a wonderful woman...I loved her unconditionally, she never judged you, never asked questions when I would just show up in her home, she would just be there for you.  She would give you everything or whatever she could give you.  I loved her, even though in my adult life I didn't spend as much time with her as I would have liked to, I hope she knows that I still cared. Tomorrow I pack up my family to say our final goodbyes to's going to be a hard day.  I know this is the best for her, and she is no longer suffering, I am happy that she is at the end of her journey, she's done..but she will be missed.  I haven't cried yet, but I know I will.  It will be sad.

Well, this is the way I deal with my frustrations, stresses & everything that bothers here is what I have done so far.


Have a great week everyone!

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