Friday, September 2, 2011

MIA...I've been on Vacation! (lots of pics)

I know I'm been MIA...I took almost the whole month of August off for vacation!  And let me tell you it was quite the Vacation, it was a good vacation mind you, but a few things did happen to me! lets start!  First off we bought this camper almost 2 yrs ago

well, we were finally able to find a spot to park it.  You see that truck that's hauling is not our truck, we bought the camper and my Kia Sorento if definitely not going to haul a 5th wheel!  But we wanted to have it somewhere for the season we found a campground and it's finally there!  here's a few pics of us at the campground!

and of course this last one me sitting in the boat, letting them do all the work!!  LOL

OK well...some things on vaca weren't all that bad, I had some beautiful beach weather, bon fire nights and lots of relaxing time off!!  The last two weeks were not going my way!  First I get stung by a hornet, I ended getting Strep throat...well that's not the end of it! Well, it was the last weekend of my vaca and some friends were having a 70's party!  We had a blast!

That's me with the yellow dress!  Yup! I had a few, but for me a few is 4 coolers & a few shots of Sourpuss (wow that stuff packs a punch)

We had a great time all night....until this happened!!

I broke my foot! Yup...broke it!!!  LOL  After not going out for nearly 3 yrs, this is how my night ended. did it happen!  Well, I was heading out to my truck to get my flip flops cause the tall books that I had on were now killing my feet...well.  Went out the front door, talking to a friend, no front lights on, plus I don't think the drinks I had helped either.  Well, her front step is a little higher than your normal front step, and when I stepped off the step, I ended up rolling my ankle, and hearing a  crack on the top of my foot!!!!  That pretty much ended my night!  So I went home, went to bed, went to the ER in the morning...yup... broke my foot!

But I did get a few LO's and a card done while on Vaca...LOL

And that my friends is how my August Vacation went!! Hope everyone has enjoyed their summer so far, there is not much left of it!!

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Hanni said...

My goodness, you need to take a vacation from this one, what a mess! I am sorry it ended like this, hopefully it will heal fast and you will be back on your feet in no time! All the best!