Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I did this LO as an outlet to how I was feeling at that moment. I know there are many spelling errors in the LO, but hey, that's life, I wasnt' thinking of the spelling at the time that I was creating this LO.
I do love this little guy!! I mean I love everything about him right down to his little toes!!!

Ryan is such a little nudist, he loves to crawl around bare bum...as soon as you get him undressed, he usually tries to take off crawling!

I love you my sweet little prince!

I'm not crazy for this LO, I don't like how the background turned out, I was trying to play with paint on the background.  I'll eventually figure out a style that I like.

Well, we have been quarantined to our house due to the H1N1 virus, we are all sick (except hubby).  It's not a fun flu to have, you feel so tired and drained all the time, but after a week I am actually feeling much better and I can see that Ryan is starting to feel better as well.  My oldest son Keith is starting to come down with it too, so I guess another few days of being stuck in the house until we can venture out again.  I really dont' want to infect anyone else with this bug.

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Angie said...

fantastic layout, that is good that you are feeling better. we got our shots yesterday.