Saturday, April 23, 2011

...My Nana...

This is a small part of my family. 
My two uncles, Clayton & David, Nanny Cook and my mom Helen!

I'll miss my Nanny, when the time comes for us to say goodbye, our time is short now as she is nearing the end.  She has now been admitted to the Miramichi Hospital in Palliative care, we are all just waiting now, and this is the worst part of it all.  I love this family of mine, and losing one of them is going to be hard. Some may think bad of me for not wanting to see her the way she is now, but I prefer not to see her like this...I want to remember her for who she was before the cancer, I want to remember how she used to be, not how she was when the disease took over. So please dont' think bad of me for not wanting to see her during these last days. I do love her with all my being, she's my Nanna!

She is one hell of a woman, my grandmother, I wish you could all have met her when she was well...she's a crazy one and definitely not your typical grandma to say the least.  She could party with the best of us, and even party harder than most that were half her age, yup, she could drink you under the table!!!
I will always remember spending my summers on the beach (she lived on the beach), I had so much fun during those times, and I will always cherish the times I've spend with her...I can remember all the way back to being just a young girl, sleeping on a bean bag chair (my choice), while she was living in Fredericton, watching those huge squirrels ...and sitting with a kitten, always a kitten for some reason!  I remember so much, and will cherish those memories of my time with her.

I love you Nanny, and will always be thinking of you.


Helen said...

Thank you for remembering your grandmother, in this way. I love you, my sweet daughter.

Anonymous said...

{{{hugs}}} chick, i didnt see my aunt barb at the end either,x x